G12 Leaders

Why 12?  The number twelve is the number of government in the Bible.  G12 was patterned after Jesus Christ’s model in mentoring His 12 disciples “to win souls and make disciples”. Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 28:19-20, “…therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” We believe, as members of the body of Christ, that Harvest International Christian Church received the same mandate from our Lord Jesus Christ. We, therefore, seek the partnership of every member of the body to ensure that this mission be successfully fulfilled through the following methods:
  • Win:  Sharing the good news of salvation with all mankind through Life groups, Sunday celebrations, person to person contact, and other endeavors. 
  • Belong:  Encouraging every new believer to participate in Encounters, Sunday celebrations, and Life groups. 
  • Become:  Supporting the new disciples and helping them recognize and reinforce their destinies through the School of Leaders and Life groups. 
  • Serve:  Releasing the new leaders to fulfill their destinies by starting a Life Groups and producing their 12 disciples through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Henry Sangalang

Aleli Sangalang

Amante Sabalburo

Fely Sabalburo

Urbano "Bong" Montilla

Daryl Montilla

Vic Gurro

Vida Gurro

Rey Mangahas

Carmelita Mangahas

Nate White

Maricel Senchina

Lito Marzan

Nida Marzan

Richard Mallari

Charon Mallari

Vicky Concepcion

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