Couples Ministry

Marriage is a Ministry

Sometimes we get too busy with work, children and friends, we neglect the relationship with our spouse. Love can easily fade and without the attention, it can die.

Join the couples ministry to regain the love and paint new colors in your married life. Join our couples dinner and other activities.

We believe that the essence of a successful marriage revolves in the following:

  1. Let God - Let God take the lead in your relationship.
  2. Spend Time - The investment of our time with our spouse will not be in vain. Spend more time and earn the rewards.
  3. Share Openly - Being open to your spouse and learning to listen cultivates the communication in your marriage.
  4. Compliment your spouse - Men and women are different. We must serve our partners by complimenting their weakness.
  5. Passion and Romance - Add fire and intimacy in your marriage, undertanding the needs of your partner maintains the passion for love.
  6. Till the End - Together you are stronger. 

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Forever In Love 2011
Forever In Love 2012
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Sis Lea and Pastor Nate.
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