Encounter with God

     An Encounter is an experience, an event where one is led to have a personal encounter with God. The participant is carefully led to confront the past and the present with the Word of God, so God’s purpose and plan for the future can be revealed and released.

     The goals of the Encounter are to be certain about one’s salvation, to experience true repentance, to be delivered from any hang-ups, fears, anger or addictions, to receive inner healing, to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit and to receive clear direction and vision.

     To prepare for an Encounter, one must attend a Pre-Encounter, a time of laying down a foundation and preparing the mind and the heart to expect Jesus. Immediately after the Encounter, a Post Encounter is held to provide practical teaching on how to keep the healing and deliverance that took place at the Encounter, how to face one’s world with the changes that happened in one’s life.       
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