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Why every Christian should be part of a cell?

To fulfill the vision of Christ for the Church that Jesus gave us in the Great Commission.

We are to go make disciples of all nations, mature them in the faith and mobilize them to win the world for Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20). This can only be achieved when all believers become disciples themselves. The small group setting of cells is the only practical means to see this disciple-making happen

To reach out to the lost.

The real work of evangelism belongs to every believer. The only proven method to evangelize is the one-to-one communication of the gospel by all believers. We are called and commanded by God to share the good news with our friends, neighbors and relatives. Most people commit to Christ because of the witness of somebody they know. Cells have the capacity to penetrate every part of the city, homes, offices, businesses, schools and universities. A cell church is not limited to buildings, so the whole city can be impacted by the gospel.

To nurture new believers.

New believers must be made firm in their faith, so that they will not slide back into unbelief but become disciples of Christ. This consolidation can only be achieved through cells. In cells, new believers receive the level of care and nurture their need. They will be surrounded by people who are committed to pray for them and to help them in practical ways. Without cells, the fruit of evangelism is easily lost.

To become a disciple.

Every believer is called to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Jesus puts it this way, “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me (Matthew16:24) The cost is everything, but you don’t have to go through this alone. You are discipled in cells by people who are being discipled themselves. There can be no loose cannons. Watch out for everyone who is trying to disciple you without being accountable to the church. Cell leaders are accountable to their leaders. They are also subject to the training and discipline of the church, as well as having the resources of advice, wisdom, and counsel of their leaders.

To obey the call to make disciples.

The Great Commission is more than a call to evangelize and lead people to make a decision for Christ. New believers must be formed into disciples of Christ. This implies close personal contact that is only possible in cells.

To be the Church. 

The church is more than a building and more than church meetings. Sunday services comprise only a small part of church life. We don’t merely attend church, but we are the Church. Church is our daily relationship with Jesus and other believers. We have to be a church in the world without walls. We are the Body of Christ twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

To fulfill one another’s command. 

There are over forty-five passages in the New Testament that speak specifically about the responsibility we have for each other. We are called to love, care for, teach and encourage one another, exhort, admonish and restore one another. The only practical context in which to achieve this is in the cells. Large Sunday gatherings are impersonal, and the individual can be lost in a crowd. In a cell, everyone counts and is important. Cells enable us to break into smaller, manageable and realizable units.

To fulfill your ministry. 

Every believer is called to life in the Spirit, and God has given each of us many special gifts, abilities and ministries. Most Christians are never able to discover what these are. We need to learn what they are and to develop them, so we can use them to serve Christ for the benefit of others and to build up and strengthen each other. The cell group is an ideal place where this can occur. You can be trained how to exercise the gifts of the Spirit and be released into your ministries.

To target your efforts. 

Cell groups help to focus our efforts, and we become effective in reaching our goals. We are working together; we cannot accomplish it alone. To be a Christian means to be a part of the Body of Christ. You benefit from the strength, wisdom, encouragement, and the support of the group.

To become fruitful.

We have been called to be fruitful. Every covenant God made with man comes with a promise of fruitfulness. The cells provide the place of blessing. It is where you begin to enter into the joy of fruitfulness. As you fulfill God’s call upon you life the blessingbegins to flow. God says that he will bless you and cause you to prosper in life.     

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